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2014 Chrysler 300 Car Review Profile

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The 2014 Chrysler 300 at the top of the pact in its segment. It's the only vehicle to offer Rear-Wheel Drive Powertrain, with its luxurious style that's designed and built in Canada, it's obvious critics have been raving about this full size sedan!

"The two-tone beige/brown is warm and inviting, helped by the light steaming through the panoramic sunroof, the largest in its class. The Nappa leather seats are both heated and cooled, as are the cup holders." - AutoNet [Full Review here]

"Spending a week with the latest 300 does away with that; redesigned three years ago, it's practically a different car altogether. It's quiet, very comfortable and looks pretty darn classy. Not only that, it's toasty inside on a chilly winter's day." - [Full Review here]

"The fully-independent suspension, precise steering and big brakes combine to give the 300 capabilities that are the match of the best from across the Atlantic or Pacific, whether in refined ride qualities or rapid-fire handling prowess." - Kelly Blue Book [Full Review here]

"But as compelling as those rivals are, they don't offer all-wheel drive or V8 power, nor can they match the Chrysler's sheer presence at the curb. Chrysler's full-size cruiser is more than just relevant for 2014; it's one of the best cars you'll find for the money." - [Full Review here]

"Perhaps the best aspect of the 300C is how user friendly it is. The button-heavy steering wheel takes a little getting used to, but it makes for hands-free driving once you learn it." - AutoGuide [Full Review here]

Get into the beautiful 2014 Chrysler 300! Swing by Destination Chrysler - 1600 Marine Dr. North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1T9 to book a test drive or contact us at 604.980.8501!