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Dodge Dart vs Ford Focus

If you're in the market for a compact sedan, no doubt you've researched both the all new Dodge Dart and the Ford Focus. Both vehicles are popular and well known in the sedan market, but not for necessarily the same reasons. Let's look at each model closely, so that you can make an informed purchase when it comes time to choose a vehicle.

Dodge Dart vs Ford Focus: Performance

Debuted in 2012, the Dodge Dart is linked to the former incarnation of the Dodge Dart in name only. The most recent version features three transmission options, electronically boosted power steering, leather interior, ambient lighting options and advanced interior cabin electronics. Available in a dozen different colours, there's a Dodge Dart to suit every taste and style. Under the hood, the Dodge Dart has three available engines:

1. 160 hp, 1.6 liter, inline four-cylinder Fiat engine
2. 160 hp, 2.0 liter, inline four-cylinder Chrysler engine
3. 184 hp, 2.4 liter, inline four-cylinder Chrysler engine

Dodge Dart vs Ford Focus: Styling

The 4-door sedan version of the Ford Focus has been in production since 1998, but iterative exterior and interior changes have ensured the model's graceful aging process. The exterior of the Ford Focus takes cues from well-styled German vehicle manufacturers like Volkswagen. The interior of the Ford Focus is surprisingly luxurious for a vehicle in the economy sedan market. With premium features like a re-designed center console and attractive finishes and trims, the Ford Focus is not your average economy sedan. Under the hood, the Ford Focus sports a 2.0 liter, inline four-cylinder engine that puts out 160 hp. If you're at all interested in the Dodge Dart, the Ford Focus or any other compact sedan, we invite you to call or visit us at Destination Chrysler to schedule a test drive today! Call us at 1.888.461.4138 or visit us at 1600 Marine Drive, North Vancouver BC, V7P 1T1.