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Dodge Journey 2010 Review

A Utility Truck for All Uses

There are many reasons to purchase a used car, truck or minivan. In today's economy the prices of brand new vehicles may at times seem difficult to fit into your budget. Your family needs to get to hockey practice, school, and work, and on the weekends running errands is essential and cannot be achieved without the proper vehicle. Instead of buying a brand new car, a good alternative is to invest in a quality used vehicle that will meet your needs. A Dodge Journey 2010 review may help you in making that decision.

The Dodge Journey

In 2010, Dodge manufactured a vehicle that can be viewed as a mix of a minivan and truck. There are positive attributes from both types of vehicles present in this hybrid car. It has the utility of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), and the available passenger seating of a minivan. When operating this vehicle, you feel like you are driving a car. It has a variety of storage options and space for items of all shapes and sizes. The Dodge Journey 2010 reviews makes it clear that this vehicle is ideal for someone with a large family, or a couple looking to start a family. If you are looking for a minivan, without a minivan shape, then you have found your vehicle.


The 2010 Dodge Journey was manufactured with an available third row of seating. This gives this model more passenger room than other SUVs and minivans in its class. The storage space is so abundant that you have room for all objects desired during any long or short trip. There is even a storage space above the glove box that allows for keeping beverages or food items cold throughout your excursion. In the second row of seats, there are bins located in the floor which allow for storage of a wide variety of items, keeping them safe and secure, even while traveling over uneven road surfaces for a long duration of time. These conveniently located storage spaces are easily cleaned, and can be locked while travelling. In addition, a hidden storage space is located underneath the passenger seat in the front row. You simply flip up the cushion and reveal a compartment for storing items.

A Dodge Journey 2010 review will point you in the direction of what benefits this vehicle can offer. You may be fooled when you first see the vehicle into thinking it is a truck and will handle like a large vehicle. As you get a feel for the road, your driving is not impacted at all by the height of the vehicle. In fact, the maneuverability and stability acts just like a regular passenger car. While it is a large vehicle, its sleek exterior gives off the impression of a smaller car. The interior is designed with utility in mind with its material, fabric, and accents. The vehicle can accommodate seven people in its three rows of seating and the easy to move second row permits smooth access to the third row. As the Dodge Journey 2010 review points out, the vehicle comes with all the standard equipment, radio, CD player, sound system, power locks, windows and seats. There are many upgrades available that will meet any and all of your driving needs.