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Jeep Patriot review

Weighing in on the Jeep Patriot

Jeep has been a mainstay of the off-road community since it began. Their vehicles have placed a priority on being capable in all terrains, and have been very capable in turn. Over the past few decades, the Jeep brand has evolved to incorporate more of the option packages found in SUV and crossover vehicles. The most recent Jeep Patriot review articles look at how some of these changes have made owning a Jeep a good choice for more people than ever before.

The Power

Every Jeep Patriot review is impressed with the standard engine for the series. The Patriot powers its front wheel drive system with a standard 2.0 litre engine with 4 cylinders and 158 horsepower. What every Jeep Patriot review points out is the 4 cylinder engine is surprisingly fuel efficient for the power it delivers.

Most other Jeep models start with a V6 and go up from there, with an increase in power and decrease in fuel economy. Even with the optional 2.4 litre, 172 horsepower engine - every Jeep Patriot review reports the fuel economy is spectacular for a vehicle in this class.

The Drive

One of the joys of doing a Jeep Patriot review is getting the chance to take the vehicle on and off road in order to report back on its handling. The Patriot brings to mind the old Cherokee, which was popular with generations for its dual purpose handling. Most of the Jeep Patriot review writers have found that the Patriot handles better on the road than other Jeep models, but it is obvious that it is in its element when it is off road. It is responsive enough to be comfortable in the city but is designed to handle the twists and turns of the trail.

The Changes

The low gearing and high clearance of the Patriot add to its off road performance. One of the most popular option packages adds protective skid plates to the chassis to help protect the engine and drivetrain. There have been significant changes to the interior as well, bringing the Patriot closer to the Compass. What hasn't changed is the boxy design, another call back to the old Cherokee.

The Verdict

The Jeep Patriot is comparable to the higher-priced Compass in the style, comfort, and capability it provides on and off road. It is not the off-road tank that the Rubicon is, but then again, you wouldn't want to drive your Rubicon to work in the city every day.

If off-roading is your thing, but not something you get to do as often as you like, the Jeep Patriot is the vehicle for you. You can get where you need to go and then plunge off the road at a moment's notice and have fun on the trails. The 4 cylinder engine provides surprising power while maintaining fuel efficiency so you are less likely to need to haul your own gas. All in all, as a tribute to the old Cherokee, the Patriot is a fine vehicle to carry on the Jeep tradition.