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Vancouver Used Cars

If you live in or around the city and are searching for a used vehicle, try simply entering "Vancouver used cars" into a search engine. Of course, dealerships like Destination Chrysler will also have Vancouver used cars for sale too. So let's look at both options: buying from a dealer and buying from an individual.

The main advantage to buying Vancouver used cars from individuals is that the price is generally cheaper. Individuals won't wait to get the most out of their vehicle, and they don't pay a cut to a dealership. As they are not professional salespeople, individuals will also take a different approach when it comes down to negotiating a price.

Of course there are disadvantages too. Buying from an individual rarely comes with any guarantee. Although sometimes used cars still have their factory warranty active, this is rare. You can use the car's VIN and numerous resources online to investigate the car's history, but even that does not guarantee that the car is reliable. Bottom line: if you're going to start your search with viewing used cars from individuals in Vancouver, do your research beforehand and conduct viewings with caution. Know what questions to ask and have an idea for what the answer should be based on your research.

The other option is purchasing Vancouver used cars from a reputable dealership. The positives with this option are that dealerships can't disappear like an individual could and binding contracts are usually involved. This means if the used car you purchase turns out to have unexpected problems, you know whom to speak to about it and they will be inclined to help. Also, you can often get a "certified" used car from a dealership. This is as good as a warranty and holds the dealership responsible for any problems.

Buying a used car from a dealership does mean that you are almost definitely going to pay more for it than you would buying from an individual. You can mitigate this issue a few ways however. First, get pre-approved for a loan. This will give you a set amount you can spend and not a lot of wiggle room to stray from your budget. Just like with the individual, do your research to know exactly what you want. Unlike with individuals, when you visit Destination Chrysler there's no shortage of options for what you want and at all price ranges.

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