Vans Vancouver

Types of Vans

If you are looking to purchase a van for your growing family, you may not realize that there are actually a number of vans Vancouver for you to choose from. Let's take a closer look at the different types of vans Vancouver so that you can determine which is best for your family.

(1) Minivans

Minivans are one of the most popular types of vans, having been a part of the family culture since the 1980's. These vans Vancouver offer a number of features, including cargo space and folding seats. Most minivans are also incredibly affordable, which means that they can fit into any budget. Another interesting thing about minivans is that they are full of safety features that you may not find in any other type of vehicle. Airbags in multiple spaces, specialty seat belts, and a number of other safety features help to keep every single person in the van safe during trips. There are some minivans that are smaller as well; these vans are sometimes called multi-purpose vehicles. These vehicles lose a couple of seats, and are a bit more like an SUV than a minivan.

(2) Passenger vans

These vans Vancouver are very large when compared to their minivan counterparts. Have you ever seen a school use a van that is much larger in size, but still not as large as a bus? Those vans are referred to as passenger vans, and they can usually hold 12 to 15 people. In some places, you actually need a specialized license and insurance in order to be able to drive 15 people in a passenger van. Even though they fit more people, they usually don't have the same interior features or safety features that you will find in a minivan.

(3) Cargo vans

These vans Vancouver are the same exact size as passenger vans, but they have one very significant difference; instead of holding 12 to 15 people, they actually hold two (including the driver) to five people. Instead of having several rows of seats, they may have one bench seat or only the front and passenger seats. Why would you want this type of van? It is mainly used if you want to use the vehicle to haul around stuff instead of people. They can fit the same amount of supplies and/or items as you could in some trucks, all inside a compact, interior space. Many construction workers and other similar workers will use cargo vans on a regular basis in order to reduce costs and increase their hauling power. Both passenger and cargo vans are able to tow items as well, whereas many minivans cannot.

Does this list help you better determine which vans Vancouver may be best for your family's needs? There are "subcategories" of each of these vans as well, and you will be able to find out more from visiting Destination Chrysler. We carry many or all of these types of vans, and can help find you what you are looking for even if it is not currently on the lot.